Smokehoss Reuben Sandwich Review (Meade, KS)

With much time spent driving on the road after arriving at an airport, I am always on the looking for unique restaurants, coffee shops and regional specialties. Little did I know once I finally stopped at the Smokehoss: Jerky – Coffee – Bistro that I had found diamond among the prairies, ranches, farmland and small towns along Highway 54 in Meade, KS (southwest Kansas).

Smokehoss Jerky Coffee Bistro

Smokehoss: Jerky – Coffee – Bistro in Meade, KS

I had stopped earlier in the week for a coffee as I headed east and was impressed with their menu for it included a Reuben Sandwich. I knew that later in the week I would be heading west on Highway 54 so I would stop at the Smokehoss and order a Reuben Sandwich.

The Reuben Sandwich was excellent. Over time I am becoming more inclined to enjoy Reuben Sandwiches where the rye bread is toasted. This sandwich was no exception. The marble rye was toasted, the portion of corned beef was generous, the sauerkraut was just right and they used real Swiss Cheese. When I first tasted the “sauce” I could not identify whether or not it was Thousand Island Dressing because there was a little bit of a kick to the sandwich. I thought that they must have added some Mustard in addition to the Thousand Island Dressing. It was only after I had finished the sandwich and was waiting for my Mocha to be made that I asked the owner what was special about the dressing / spread that was on the Reuben Sandwich. She smiled and said that they use Grey Poupon Bistro Sauce to make their Reuben Sandwich unique. She was correct; use of the Grey Poupon Bistro Sauce (Dijon Mustard, Horseradish and Garlic) was a perfect spread for their take on a Reuben Sandwich.

Reuben Sandwich from the Smokehoss

Smokehoss Reuben Sandwich

In addition to the sandwich, I ordered a side of baked beans in which they add their own smoked bacon to the beans. The baked beans were the right sweetness with the bacon providing the perfect amount of smokiness. I will do my best to arrange my schedule in order to stop at the Smokehoss in Meade, KS to enjoy another Reuben Sandwich. I will admit, as much as I enjoyed the Reuben I cannot help but think that all of their sandwiches are just as good. It will be a difficult decision. Not only does the Smokehoss make a good sandwich, but they do their own smoking of meats and make their own jerky.

If you happen to be travelling along Highway 54 in southwest Kansas, you will not be disappointed by stopping at the Smokehoss in Meade, KS for sandwich or a coffee.

Road to Meade, KS on Highway 54

Road to Meade, KS on Highway 54

In the post: Reuben Sandwich Reviews, this sandwich from the Smokehoss is rated as a Classic Representations / I think there are other items on the menu?


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