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May 26

Homemade Dried Apricot Liqueur, A Sun Kissed Gift from the Gods

The third homemade liqueur that I ever attempted was using Dried Apricots. It was at a point where I was more interested making any type of homemade liqueur in the kitchen and there was no local fresh fruit in season. The result was something between a kiss from the sun and a gift from the …

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May 15

Drink your Greens – Cucumber Jalapeno Margarita

We first tried this drink at a Mexican restaurant in Santa Monica, CA and were surprised at how subtle the jalapeño was, and how light and refreshing it tasted. This is definitely a drink for summer poolside parties or barbecues. Unfortunately it does take a little effort and planning, as the first step is to …

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May 13

Lime Margaritas – Is It Really This Simple?

Recently we were with friends in San Diego, CA and walking through Old Town when the need to quench our thirst became so overpowering we stopped in at the Old Town Saloon. It was by unanimous consensus that a round or two of lime margaritas was going to be the drink of the afternoon. The …

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May 09

Peach and Mango Margarita – My answer to a peach glut

On Saturday, Bill turned up at the house with a huge bucket of peaches that he had picked at a friends house. He has asked for recipes, so here is mine, a grown up margarita fruit smoothie. Unfortunately since Bill is allergic to mangos, he’ll just have to imagine how delicious and creamy these are. …

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May 08

The best mojito, a ‘dirty one’

This is not the best authentic mojito, but it is my best mojito. Why? Because it doesn’t involve fussing over ingredients, preparing simple syrups, shaking or straining to make it look pretty. The only effort involved, is the muddling of the mint and lime, but apart from that it is simple. A mojito (pronounced mo-he-toe) …

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