Lebanese cuisine

Fish and Rice Upside Down (Makloubet riz bel samak)

Makloubet riz bel samak

Makloubeh, which translates literally into “upside down”, is a famous Levantine dish. You will find different variants throughout Syria, Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon. What is unique about this meal is that it is a one pot meal of meat, rice, vegetables and spices that is flipped upside down onto a large platter before being served. …

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Rice Vermicelli, East Meets West in the Middle

Rice Vermicelli

I really do not know who, where and why Rice Vermicelli was first “discovered”. I like to think that it was some poor mother making a simple stew for her family and had not enough rice, but some remaining vermicelli (thin spaghetti) and combined the two with butter / ghee. Rice Vermicelli is the traditional …

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