dry rub

Spice Spice Baby

Simple dry rub ingredients made at home

When grilling meat, the most important choice you make is the type and cut of meat for your chosen method of cooking. The second most important decision is whether to go a wet or dry rub. A dry rub is an excellent choice for flavoring already tender or moist cuts of meat. Next time you …

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Winning Barbecued Pork Ribs – Low and slow

Low and slow barbeque pork ribs

Coming from the UK my only experience of barbeques is that when you mention the word it rains, and everything has to be burnt to a cinder. We don’t really had the weather to develop a BBQ culture, but every summer we persevere and things are getting better. However coming to the US, has opened …

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Stewie’s Dry Rub for Grub

Grub Rub Ingredients

An American (or maybe just Texan thing) that I have whole-heatedly embraced is using a dry rub when grilling meat, whether in the broiler (grill) or the barbecue. Dry rubs are spice mixtures that are rubbed onto raw meat before cooking to impart flavour and caramelisation, however unlike marinades they don’t tenderise. To begin with …

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