Reuben Sandwich – Casey’s Cowtown Steakhouse Restaurant (Dodge City, KS)

I was spending some time in Dodge City, KS; made famous during the heyday of the Wild West in the second half of the 1800’s and being an important part of the cattle drives of Texas Longhorn cattle. It has been a few weeks since I had eaten a Reuben, so I was looking to take care of my obsession.

I went on-line to search for a restaurant serving Reuben Sandwiches, but had no success. I asked around and was told that Casey’s Cowtown Steakhouse Restaurant, located at 503 E. Trail Street, Dodge City, KS 67801 served a Reuben. Off to lunch I go, my mouth watering in anticipation of a Reuben Sandwich. A waitress takes me to my table, hands me the menu and I quickly scan the sandwich list for the Reuben Sandwich. I order the sandwich with onion rings in lieu of french fries.

Reuben Sandwich from Casey's Cowtown Steakhouse Restaurant

Reuben Sandwich from Casey's Cowtown Steakhouse Restaurant - Dodge City, KS

When the sandwich first arrived I was a little concerned for the 1,000 Island Dressing was served on the side in a cup. I can understand the rationale of the restaurant. It is difficult to determine how much dressing a customer would want on their Reuben in addition to the 1,000 Island Dressing can melt out of the sandwich when it is being grilled.

Casey's Cowtown Steakhouse Road Sign

Casey's Cowtown Steakhouse Road Sign - Dodge City, KS

The Reuben was good, a well-constructed sandwich. The dark marbled rye was grilled, but not soaked in butter / oil. The sauerkraut was well drained and the corned beef was tender and flavorful. I have noticed that depending on the quality of the Swiss cheese used, it is difficult to determine when melted if the restaurant had used Swiss cheese or American white cheese. There was nothing distinctive about the flavor of the cheese to say that Swiss cheese was used. It appeared that no 1,000 Island Dressing has been added to the sandwich and because two slices of cheese had been used on each slice of grilled dark marbled rye bread, it was impossible to open the sandwich to add the dressing. Instead, I dipped the Reuben into the 1,000 Island dressing. This option of the dressing on the side is a good idea.

Overall, I was very satisfied with the Reuben and rate this sandwich from Casey’s Cowtown Steakhouse Restaurant in Dodge City a Classic Representations / I think there are other items on the menu? in my post Reuben Sandwich Reviews.


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