Marmite Sandwich Chronicles – Part 2

With a little bit of creativity and a loaf of bread, you can make a sandwich that satisfies your hunger and tastes great. Recently I came back from a business trip and at lunch the next day I was hungry and rooting through the refrigerator looking for something to eat. As we all know whether you are coming back from a vacation or an extended business trip, sometimes the refrigerator is a little bare of more than just the basic essentials.

Sure, I could have made a tuna fish or chicken salad from cans in the cupboard, but I was not craving mayonnaise. What should I make? What do I want to eat? Those eternal questions that we ask ourselves when we are hungry and there is little in the house to eat. What I did have was tomatoes, sharp cheddar cheese from the Watonga Cheese Factory and a loaf of sliced artisan bread in the freezer. In a moment of pure inspiration like no one has ever thought to combine toasted bread, sliced tomatoes, sharp cheddar cheese and Marmite together I knew I had found my answer to my hunger. I was giddy with excitement.

Marmite, Tomatoes and Sharp Cheddar Cheese for a Sandwich

Ingredients for TMC II (Marmite, Tomatoes and Sharp Cheddar Cheese)

The frozen bread went into the toaster; I sliced the tomatoes and cheese and brought out the jar of Marmite from the cupboard. I ate a few slices of cheese since I was hungry as the bread toasted. The bread was then finished toasting and I brought the sandwich together starting with a generous layer of Marmite on the toast.

Whereas my previous sandwich with Marmite was with cucumber, the textural difference of using tomatoes was much different. Where the cucumbers brings a crunchiness to the sandwich, the tomatoes provide no real contrasting texture, but do provide an pleasing contrast and compliment of flavor to the Marmite and cheddar cheese. The acidity of the tomatoes tempers the combined strength of the Marmite and cheddar cheese and the flavor of the tomato which has umami components is enhanced with the addition of the Marmite which is umami on steroids.

Tomato, Marmite & Cheddar Sandwich

TMC II Sandwich (Tomato, Marmite & Cheddar)

In all a great sandwich that satisfied my hunger. I cannot wait to try this sandwich combination next spring when the garden tomatoes have ripened. I now have two sandwiches in which to enjoy that have the initials TMC: TMC I (Tomato Mayonnaise Cheese [American]) and TMC II (Tomato Marmite Cheddar).



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    • Tamara Shaw on August 24, 2017 at 5:03 pm
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    I grew up in England (my father, American, stationed at Mildenhall AFB) and have eaten plenty of marmite sammys with toasted with cheese and tomatoes. It was extremely common.

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