Homemade Sausage: Kitchen Aid Sausage Attachment

Meat Grinder Attachment from Kitchen Aid

Meat Grinder Attachment for the Kitchen Aid Mixer

Sausage Stuffing Attachment from Kitchen Aid

Sausage Stuffing Attachment for the Kitchen Aid Mixer

Many of us own a Kitchen Aid Mixer that stands nice and pretty on our kitchen counter that is literally too heavy and big to move in and out of a kitchen cabinet the handful of times a year that it is to be used. Likewise, most of us own a Kitchen Aid attachment pack that may have been used once or twice because we really thought it would be cool to make something special.

The Kitchen Aid Mixer and the Pasta Maker attachment in our house did fall under that category. That was until I received the attachment that allows me to prepare and stuff sausage in my own kitchen this past Christmas. I believe that the Kitchen Aid Mixer with the Sausage Making attachments has been used three times in as many months which is probably more then it has been used in the previous three years.

For a few years I have been wanting to make sausage at home, but withheld making the purchase of a meat grinder / casing stuffer machine because of not being able to justify purchasing another specialized implement for the kitchen. Thankfully, my wife researched the options and found that for less money an attachment could be purchased for the Kitchen Aid.

For people interested in making sausage at home, the sausage making attachment for the Kitchen Aid Mixer is the perfect starting point. The manufacturer’s instructions on how to grind, season and fill the casings is limited (there is an element of implied understanding), but do not allow yourself to be deterred. There are books and numerous on-line resources that will help fill in the gaps of your knowledge. There are dedicated machines that are faster and provide more options (larger diameter grinding plates for courser ground meat), but for an amateur such as myself, I am more then happy to use the Kitchen Aid Sausage Making Attachment. I honestly do not see myself upgrading to a faster, larger capacity dedicated to making sausage.

The entire process of making sausage is a lot of fun and there is a high degree of satisfaction in creating your own homemade artisan sausage. For those of you that have had the desire to make your own sausage at home, the Kitchen Aid Sausage Making Attachment is the perfect start.

Kitchen Aid Sausage Making Attachment Pack

Kitchen Aid Model #: KN12AP (Mixer Attachment Pack with Citrus Juicer)

Kitchen Aid Model Number: KN12AP (Mixer Attachment Pack with Citrus Juicer) – This pack offers you creative versatility with the included citrus juicer, food tray, food grinder and sausage stuffer.

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