Aug 26

Marmite Sandwich Chronicles – Part 2

With a little bit of creativity and a loaf of bread, you can make a sandwich that satisfies your hunger and tastes great. Recently I came back from a business trip and at lunch the next day I was hungry and rooting through the refrigerator looking for something to eat. As we all know whether …

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Aug 05

There was Mayo, then Mustard and now Marmite for the Sandwich

I prefer mayonnaise to miracle whip, deli spicy mustard to yellow mustard, but I do not think I will find a replacement to my newest addition to sandwich spreads and that is Marmite. Marmite on a sandwich is nothing new to our British cousins, but for most Americans, Marmite is relatively unknown, yet alone to …

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Apr 13

A Yank’s Perspective On Marmite

If one is to believe all that is written on Marmite, there four groups of people. Those that love it, hate it, dismiss it without trying it and those that have never heard of Marmite. My own evolution went from never heard of it, dismissed it without trying and then love it. For us Americans …

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Apr 03

Ma’amite – Limited Edition

Ma’amite – Limited Edition

Marmite have announced a new limited edition called Ma’amite to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee. This will be Marmite’s fourth limited edition after their popular Guinness, Champagne and Marston’s Pedigree versions. The new limited edition sports the Union Flag on the jar and says it is made from 100% British yeast, which raises a question …

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Mar 20

It’s Marmageddon! Marmite stocks running low in New Zealand

Stocks of New Zealand’s version of Marmite, made by Sanitarium, have been severely affected after the factory had to close due to earthquake damage in November 2011. Marmite customers are being urged to ration their remaining supplies until the factory can be put back into action, which won’t be until July 2012. Read more…

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