Easy Quesadilla Recipe

Aug 30

Hatch Chile Quesadilla with Avocado and Shrimp

With the arrival of the Hatch Chile Season I find myself thinking of numerous way to prepare and eat fire roasted Hatch Chiles. The irony of this is that in today’s age of perishable fruits and vegetables crossing the world by airplanes and refrigerated ships we are almost never without fruit and vegetables that were …

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May 07

Light, fresh and tasty quesadillas recipe

I can’t remember where or when I had my first quesadilla (pronounced kesa-D-a), but to me it is the perfect example of a cheese sandwich. As with anything made of tortillas, a quesadilla is just one of the many ways of folding them into different foods and in the case of quesadillas, the tortilla is …

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