Mar 31

Sausage Making Marathon

Refrigerator Stuffed with Sausage

Six Type of Fresh Homemade Sausage in the Refrigerator

Stuart and I just finished making six different types of sausage today; Uncle Nick Stabile’s Italian Cheese & Pork, Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, British Bangers, American Breakfast and Spanish Style Chorizo. Last night I ground 22.5 pounds of Pork Loin, Shoulder and Fat Trimmings (~70 % Lean). This morning Stuart and I seasoned the ground pork and stuffed the natural casings with the mixtures. Once the casings have air dried for a day, the sausage will either be eaten fresh in the next few days or wrapped and frozen for future use. In the next few months you can expect to read a numbers of posts related to making sausage and the recipes that we used.

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  1. keith mclean

    HI, I have been making home made sausages for about 30 years, I’ve yet to find a regular butcher who can make a decent pork sausage ( I think it is all the off cuts of meat that they use) My wife and I once made 98 kilos ( 216 lbs ) of “boerewors” ( farners sausage ) in Bethlehem which is in the Orange Free State, a state of South Africa. If you would like the recipe, please let me know, it’s a very popular sausage in South Africa, and exclusive in taste, basically a mixture of beef, pork and lamb with added spices,
    keith mclean.

    1. Iris

      i would love your recioe for the African Sausage please

      1. Bill

        Iris, What specific recipe are you referring?

  2. Bill

    Keith, 98 kilos of sausage is a lot of meat to grind. My friend Stuart and me were exhausted after making 12 kilos. I understand the frustration in finding a butcher that uses better then off cuts of meat for their sausage. There has been an uptick in availability in the United States for premium artisan sausage, but the price per pound can be quite expensive. Thank you for the offer, check your email.

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