Apr 06

Houston…Tastykake Has Arrived!

[notice]List of Grocery Stores with Tastykake Products Available in Katy, TX[/notice]

[important]Update: Tastykake Sampling in Select Grocery Stores in Houston, TX[/important]

Tastykake Selection in Store

Tastykake's on Display at HEB on Mason Road

Memories of my youth, brown bag lunch with a peanut butter jelly or tuna fish sandwich and if I was lucky a Tastykake, Hostess, Drakes Cakes or a Little Debbie in this specific order. Granted, I very rarely succumb to the desire for a heavily processed, edible for 10 years and nutritional value of 0% mass produced snack cakes of my youth, but it is good to know that I can now purchase these nostalgic cake snacks of my childhood here in Houston. Of the four brand names mentioned, Tastykake was the one brand difficult if impossible to find in Houston.To the best of my knowledge, Tastykake is more of a regional snack dessert, focused primarily in the New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York area.

Last month the HEB grocery store on Mason Road in Katy, TX began to stock Tastykake snacks. I have yet to purchase of  a box of these snacks, but it is good to know that they are in the store. My fear is that if I do purchase a box, all of the snacks will be gone in less then a day. What is humorous is that even though I have evidence that Tastykakes are sold in Katy, TX when you use their website’s store locator function for the nearest site selling their products, there is no location within a 250 mile radius of Katy, TX.

This is not the first food offering from the East Coast / Mid-Atlantic that is offered at the HEB on Mason Road. You can also find Taylor Pork Roll at the deli counter and Scrapple in the frozen section.


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  1. Stuart

    We have now sunk to a new low

    1. Bill

      Pot calling the kettle black? http://wearenotfoodies.com/the-magic-vanishing-oreo-truffles.html

      1. Stuart

        I think you will find that Emily made these by hand and not store bought

        1. Bill

          True, but the base ingredients is an Oreo which is flour, sugar and lard among other additives that provide extended freshness, not to mention what is added to cream cheese.

          1. Stuart

            Say 3 hail marys, and make your own version of a tastykack as penance

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