The Magic Vanishing Oreo Truffles

When I made these Oreo truffles for a recent party, I put them out, turned my back and they vanished. Magic! Luckily I had tried one beforehand, just to check they were okay. These mini bites of indulgence are sooo good that you can’t just stop at one, but know you have to because they are so naughty!

Oreos have been a major part of childhood in the US since 1912, so everyone knows what they are, but they are not so well known in other parts of the world. You can find Oreos in the UK now, but they are still quite expensive and the packets are very small. Instead you could try Chocolate Bourbon biscuits instead, which will give you a less sweet, but more chocolatey truffle.



Chocolate Bourbon biscuits

Chocolate Bourbon biscuits

Oreo Truffles

Total time: 20 mins

  • 18oz (500g) of Oreos (or Chocolate Bourbon biscuits)
  • 8oz (225g) of cream cheese e.g. Philadelphia
  • 14oz (400g) of Milk Chocolate

Blitz the cookies (biscuits) in a food processor until the resemble fine breadcrumbs. Add the cream cheese and mix thoroughly until combined.

Oreo Crumbs and Cream Cheese mixture

Oreo Crumbs and Cream Cheese mixture

Roll into roughly 1″ (2.5cm) balls using your hands and place onto a baking sheet covered in parchment paper. If the balls start to melt in your hands, chill the mixture for a while before rolling. Once the balls are formed then chill them in the refrigerator for a few hours to harden.

Rolled Oreo truffle balls

Chilling rolled Oreo truffle balls

Melt the chocolate in the microwave or a bain-marie, and using a fork dip the balls in the melted chocolate to cover. Return to the parchment paper and chill again in the refrigerator for a few hours to set the chocolate.

Melting the chocolate

Melting the chocolate in a bain-marie

Alternatively you could use other cookies (biscuits) for making the decadent truffles such as mint Oreos, red velvet Oreos, Nutter Butters, Digestive Biscuits, or Chocolate Bourbons. You could also use decorate the truffles with drizzles of a different type of chocolate like dark or white. Whatever you make these truffles out of, just don’t expect them to last before the disappear.

Oreo TrufflesStep by step photo guide for making the Oreo Truffles

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  1. My mouth is watering. Where was my cut of these decadent morsels of sweetness?

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