Where to find Tastykake in Texas

Tastykake Fruit Pies now Available at Randall’s on Mason Road

Tastykake Fruit Pies at Randall's on Mason Road

Walked into Randall’s grocery store on Mason Road this afternoon and saw a display case topped with Tastykake Fruit Pies. I did not have the time to see if there were any other displays of Tastykake products in the store. This is the first sign that Tastykake Fruit Pies are now in Katy / Houston, …

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HEB Does Not Have the Monopoly on the Tastykake Market in Katy, TX

Cocounut Juniors and Chocolate Juniors at HEB Fry Road

Tastykake Fruit Pies Are Now Available at the Randall’s on Mason Road Since it was first posted that Tastykakes were available in Katy, TX, the stores offering Tastykake Products has expanded. Of the four major grocery chains located in Katy, TX (HEB, Randalls, Krogers and Fiesta), only HEB and Fiesta has Tastykake Products available in …

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