Waste not, Want Not – Crawfish or Shrimp Stock

Crawfish Stock cooking

After the crawfish boil last weekend, I asked if I could put aside a bowl or two of the crawfish heads and tails as I had an idea for making crawfish stock and it looked such a waste to just through away all that potential flavour. Just think about the tons of crawfish eaten at …

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Making chicken stock is a great investment

Chicken stock ready for the freezer

Making your own chicken stock chicken stock offers a better return than an investment in the stock market. Well maybe not, but since the main ingredient, chicken bones, would normally go to waste it is practically free and compared to store bought chicken stocks it is a huge saving. The only real cost of making …

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Knowing your onions – The sequel

Re-growing baby leeks

Since my last post about re-growing green onions (spring onions), I have been experimenting with other members of the Allium family such as baby leeks and garlic. The word Allium is Latin for garlic, and all members of the plant family are edible including the stems and bulbs. They all produce Cysteine Sulfoxide which gives …

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Free Food – Re-growing your onions

Green Onions

I don’t know why it hasn’t occurred to me before, that green onions (also known as spring onions, green shallots, onion sticks, scallions, long onions, salad onions, syboes, baby onions, precious onions, or yard onions) are just like any other bulb that you would plant in the garden. And similarly they re-grow each year. I …

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