July 4th – Independence Day Party, Picnic & Barbeque Foods Ideas

July 4th – Independence Day, the day which citizens of the United States celebrate the Declaration of Independence is a federal holiday historically celebrated with parades, fireworks, state / county fairs and family and friends gathering for good food and fun times. It is a holiday that is equally enjoyed by all ages so it is important to prepare 4th of July recipes that appeal to everyone.  Interestingly enough, food has been a part of Independence Day from the very beginning. History records that in 1777 the Continental Congress enjoyed an official dinner to celebrate the day. Then in 1778, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin, Ambassadors to France at the time had a dinner celebration for fellow Americans in Paris and General George Washington ordered an extra ration of rum to his soldiers on July 4th.

Recipes for July 4th

4th of July Recipes

Whether you are celebrating with immediate family, spending time with friends or a part of a larger gathering, there are foods both traditional and more recently introduced that are perfect for the holiday. Regardless if you follow the traditional recipes or prepare alternative interpretations, it is all about having fun and good times on this day that we celebrate our Declaration of Independence.


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