Houston’s Best Burgers

The Houston culture website 29-95, has a poll at the moment to find out what is the best burger in Houston. Coming from a country where the only burgers are McDonalds and frozen pub burgers, I was amazed at the choice and quality of burger joints in Houston. I have to say my all time favourite is the buffalo burger from Bubba’s Texas Burger Shack. Bubba’s really is just a shack under the 59 free-way, and if you didn’t know how good the burgers were, you would be tempted to drive past.

Other favourites of mine, in no particular order, are Bernie’s Burger Bus, Christian’s Tailgate and Sam’s Burgers, Fries & Pies. I’ll have to dig out a report done by Wouter, a Dutch friend, who along with others created ‘The Beer-aided yet Unbiased Ratings for Good Eats Results’ (BURGER) report of the best burger bars in Harris County.

Update: The winner of the 29-95 Houston’s Best Burger was the Little Bitty Burger Barn with 25% of the 11,000 votes cast. It’s been a while since I visited Little Bitty Burger Barn, so I think another visit is in order.

The Little Bitty Burger Barn

The Little Bitty Burger Barn


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