Campfire Breakfast…Bacon and Egg-N-Toast Simply Delish!!

One of the things my husband promised me before we married, was that life would not be boring.  I think he may have been joking but it was quite prophetic.  We had to travel to Lake George to visit our good friends, and the husband’s client,  the Big Apple Circus.  We hadn’t seen it yet this year so I suggested we pack an overnight bag and take the kids.  Never one to waste an opportunity, my husband one upped the idea: by renting an RV. Sweet!

I was looking forward to the challenge of cooking in a new environment and prepared a list of what utensils to pack and what food to buy.  Of course, in the panic of the moment, “We have to get on the road!!”, I forgot several key items.  Once your parked on your fully equipped campsite though, there’s no moving, so I made do.

Bacon Sizzling on the Camp Fire

Bacon Sizzling on the Camp Fire

From the experience came some wonderful moments and creation.

  • Bacon is good, we all know this.  Bacon is BETTER when cooked on a campfire in the puddles of its own nectar.
  • When you forget an important item: wing it and enjoy the outcome.
  • Your kids will be impressed with your ability to cook on a campfire more if you grunt and gesture like a caveman.
  • Campfire egg-n-toast is delish.

While I had never used one before, a fire ring turned out to be my saving grace, as I had forgotten the iron pan for nestling in the fire to cook.  I also meant to bring the grate from our grill to put over the fire ring, but forgot that.  I used a “grate” that I bought, at an inflated price from the campgrounds “General Store” and a long heavy pan.

I am writing this recipe with the assumption that you have a fire going and a method to place your pan.

Eggs Being Cooked with Bread on a Open Camp Fire

Make sure the egg’s exterior is almost set before you try to flip it!

  • 1/2 pound thick sliced bacon (Using thick sliced bacon is doesn’t just mean more bacon, YUM! It will also be less likely to burn on the heat of the fire)
  • 6 Eggs
  • 6 slices of bread
  1. Place bacon on cold pan and place over fire, turning frequently until crisp. Remove to drain when it is done but do NOT drain the fat!
  2. While bacon is frying, using a cookie cutter, or anything round, cut a circle out of the middle of the bread. Do not discard the round piece.
  3. Place the both the bread and it’s cut-out circle, into the bacon nectar, on the pan.  You do not want to do this on the hottest part of the pan.
  4. Gently & slowly, crack an egg into each hole in the toast and let cook until the yolk is almost set.
  5. Using a spatula, or a steak knife & spoon because, yes, I forgot the spatula, gently flip the egg-n-toast & allow to cook until egg is done.  I prefer my yolk cooked, but my husband likes some run to his yolk.
  6. Flip the circular pieces to brown even on both sides & remove.
  7. Serve egg-n-toast with bacon & toast cutout on a plastic plate with bacon: no silverware needed! (Yes, I forgot that too.)


Camp Fire Eggs & Toast Cooked in Bacon Nectar






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