Jun 03

A refined ploughman’s lunch – fit for a queen

Though it’s popularity has declined in recent years, a ploughman’s lunch usually consists of crusty bread, a thick piece of proper cheddar cheese, ham, pickle, apple and onions served with beer. It used to be quite a common snack or lunch in pubs around the UK, but the decline of a pint at lunchtime, the …

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Jun 01

Here today, Scone tomorrow

Scones, how very British. A perfect way to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee by having afternoon tea with your best china tea-set, scones, butter or cream and strawberry jam. Scones origins are widely debated, but in Britain they are mainly to be found in Scotland, and the South-West of England where they are a component of …

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Jan 18

Homemade British Bangers

Grinding the pork

To paraphrase, ‘Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made’. However when making sausages yourself you have greater control over the ingredients. My friend Bill got a KitchenAid sausage making attachment for Christmas and he has been churning out some fantastic delicacies for the last couple of weeks. We talked …

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