Jun 26

S’Mores for July 4th!


S’more, the Perfect Dessert for Children and Adults at a Summer Barbeque

With the Summer Barbeque Season in high gear, how can any forget the fun we as children had when the adults allowed us to toast marshmallows over the cooling embers of the charcoal grill? Maybe the times have changed, but there is still fun to be had making S’mores whether with a charcoal grill or with some ingenuity a propane grill (indirect heat to offset the possibility of including a propane smell to the marshmallow). Including S’mores, that perfect combination of melting marshmallow, milk chocolate and graham crackers in your menu for the July 4th Party is a perfect way to please any child and bring the child out in every adult. The following link provides a brief history and how to construct the perfect S’Mores.


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  1. Marlene Bertrand

    I read the history and how to make S’Mores. There was a lot of information there. I was surprised to learn so much about the Graham Cracker. I have a new respect for S’Mores now. I’m going to try one of the suggestions about substituting Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for the chocolate.

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