Ciabatta Bread

Sep 30

Whey Bread – A monstrous Ciabatta

After making mozzarella last weekend, I ended up with nearly as much whey as the amount of milk I started with. I didn’t feel I could just through this delicious, slightly¬†fluorescent green coloured liquid away. After a bit of research on some cheese making blogs, I found some people where using whey as a substitute …

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Mar 29

Classic Ciabatta Bread Recipe – Not as classic as you may think

Ciabatta literally means slipper translated from Italian, and though the shape of the bread vaguely resembles a slipper, it must belong to a clown. The loaf itself is elongated, broad, flat and irregularly shaped, usually with large air bubbles, a crisp crust and a soft, chewy texture. It is excellent for making into sandwiches, if …

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