Jul 02

We Picked Way Too Many Peaches…Ideas?

Peaches on a TreeYesterday we picked way too many peaches at the home of our friends’ Nancy and Sam. After giving many away, I still have about 12 gallons of peaches that I need to process. Aside from making jam, ice cream, compote, liqueur, sherbert and even freezing them, I am looking for suggestions…

Two months later and after some great suggestions, most of the peaches have been used or frozen for use later in the year. Below is a list of the posts highlighting the different recipes / uses for the peaches that were picked:




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  1. Lyn

    A spicy chutney- delish!

  2. Stuart

    Once I have used all my peaches, I’ll give you the recipes ideas that I didn’t use

  3. Karen

    Fruit leather. Delicious, preserves well, useful for snacking or experimenting (try snipping it into cookies, or scones) and you can try combos with other fruits…

    By the way, I once did the same thing with blueberries at a pick-your-own place in upstate New York. They gave out those 10 gallon industrial buckets for picking. Thought I only had a small amount but ended up with 8 lbs. The biggest problem was that we were on vacation and I had no means to freeze or preserve. I baked a lot of deep dish pies….

  4. Bill

    Karen, Thank you for the suggestion. I attempted Peach Fruit Leather today with limited success. Your comment inspired me to experiment on making fruit leather from peaches.

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