Nov 09

Amazon announce their online marketplace for wine


Yesterday Amazon announced their new online marketplace for wine. Not that there isn’t many very good online wine retailers, but Amazon tend to come into a market and shake it up a bit, which is only good for the consumer, at least in the beginning. Though this won’t replace the specialist wine shops and the …

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Jul 29

Wine for beginners

Wine still has a lot of baggage. By that I mean that there is still a great deal of snobbishness about it, which could be the reason why some people are put off experimenting and expanding their wine tastes. There is also so much choice now in supermarkets and specialist wine shops that it can …

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Mar 08

Kitchen Cordials & Liqueurs

Why would anyone make their own liqueurs or cordials? The simple answer is because we can and why not? The process is relatively easy with the toughest part of the process being patience. Just as the exact origins of beer, wine and liquor are debated, so to is the origination of liqueurs and cordials. It …

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