Dec 06

Carving the Turkey Early, Reducing the Stress of the Holiday Meal

Almost everyone has the image of the Norman Rockwell painting of Freedom from Want with the grandmother presenting the turkey to her family at the dining room table on a platter. It is a nice image, but from my own personal experience, carving a turkey can be a self-imposed stressful experience and not an activity …

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Sep 12

A twist on Greek Moussaka

Moussaka is a dish that has it’s origins in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Balkans and the Middle East, but the classic Greek representation of Moussaka is a fairly modern invention. Greek moussaka usually consists of layers of eggplant (aubergine), minced lamb, tomatoes and topped with a béchamel sauce, though in other countries there are versions that …

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Aug 29

Low Carb Hatch Chile Pepper Lasagne

My wife has decided that she is going to take part in a weight loss challenge at work,  so therefore I am having to come up with tasty dishes that meet her requirement of no carbs after 5pm. I never have a problem coming up with new dishes to try, apart from when there is …

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Mar 14

Giblets and Everything but the Kitchen Sink Gravy

Giblets are the polite culinary term for the organ meat, also known as offal for poultry (chicken, turkey, goose, duck…you get the idea). Giblets typically include the heart, liver, gizzards and the neck. Yes, the neck is not an organ, but in the United States, the neck is typically included in with the Giblets. The …

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Feb 28

Grilled Smoked Turkey Burger with Onions, Blue Cheese and a Portabella Mushroom

For the past few years I have been developing what I believe to be a nice balance of seasonings for ground turkey to make a flavorful burger. Whereas a ground beef burger requires little in way of seasoning except salt and black pepper to bring out the natural flavors of the meat and melted fat, …

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