Sandwich Ideas

Oct 25

Meet Crostini’s Big Brother: The Open Face Broiled Sandwich

Call it what you will, an oversized Crostini or an Americanized Smørrebrød, the open face toasted or broiled sandwich can be as simple or complex as you wish and typically can be prepped with ingredients found in the refrigerator. The simplest of open face sandwiches that most of us are familiar with is the broiled …

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May 17

Tomato, Mayonnaise, Cheese Sandwich…First Sandwich of the Tomato Season

Of all the ingredient combinations for sandwiches in the world, there are few that pay homage to the fresh garden tomato as the BLT or my personal favorite, Tomato, Mayonnaise and Cheese. Whereas the BLT does require some preparation of the bacon, there is something particularly special about literally the first tomato from the garden …

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Mar 15

Sandwich Ideas – What is a sandwich anyway?

Before we get down to some good sandwich ideas, what is a sandwich anyway? In English, the verb sandwich, means something between two other things. The noun sandwich, usually means a two slices of bread with a filling, however there are open sandwiches where the filling is not sandwiched between bread, but laid on top …

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