Apr 04

Artichokes, Shallots & Capers a Versatile Warm Salad

All I can tell you is that this warm salad of artichokes, shallots and capers is sub component of a recipe that my mother originally made many years ago on Christmas Eve. As to where or who gave her the recipe I have no idea. What I do know is that whether served on the …

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Mar 30

Balinese Style Fish Recipe – An Ode To Mata Hari’s Indonesian Restaurant & Bar

My dear friend Regina owned a very successful Indonesian restaurant on the west side of Houston for over two decades. Not only was the food amazing, but the bar was a local watering hole for many workers of the the petroleum industry. On any one night, it was not unusual to hear numerous languages being …

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Mar 29

Lightly Breaded Fried Fish Never Hurt Anyone

I will admit, I am a relative late comer to cooking fish, yet alone frying fish. Over the years, so to speak “I have dipped my toe in the water” when it comes to cooking fish, but I have had a significant amount of unfounded skepticism of my own capabilities. Sometimes I think watching Iron …

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Mar 13

Herbs de Provence Rub

There is this glass jar of Herbs de Provence that was mentioned in the post What is in your spice rack? that exists in the kitchen. Honestly, I have been skeptical of using it in my cooking. My skepticism is founded simply because I am not sure how to use this mixture. Herb de Provence …

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Jan 03

Lomo al trapo – Colombian New Year

We were invited to a Colombian New Year party this year, where the hosts, Angela & Fabian cooked a traditional Colombian dish called ‘Lomo al trapo’, which literally translates as ‘beef tenderloin in cloth’. Even though the temperature was a ‘balmy’ 70F outside there was a large wood fire burning ready for cooking the Lomo …

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