Jun 07

Steamed Salmon with salad and avocado dressing

Now that summer if official here, gone are the heavy stodgy foods of winter and out comes the salads and bbq. This salad of steamed salmon with an avocado dressing is light, flavourful and a perfect dish to enjoy outside at the end of a day with a cold glass of white wine. Though I …

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Jun 06

Chicken Salad with Mango, Mint and Cilantro Dressing

Mango, mint and cilantro (fresh coriander) dressing is now my new favourite salad dressing for this summer. It may not look like it at first glance, but it is basically a vinaigrette, which mango, mint, cilantro and curry powder as the additions. As it has such complex flavours, the salad leaves should be something like …

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May 19

Yesterday’s bread salad

Around here, at the end of the day on Sundays, the bakery sells off it’s fresh bread at buy one get one free.  What to do with all that bread?  Well, the first loaf usually gets served & demolished at dinner in Sunday night.  The second loaf gets saved for the next day, divided in …

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Apr 04

Artichokes, Shallots & Capers a Versatile Warm Salad

All I can tell you is that this warm salad of artichokes, shallots and capers is sub component of a recipe that my mother originally made many years ago on Christmas Eve. As to where or who gave her the recipe I have no idea. What I do know is that whether served on the …

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