Feb 29

Condiment Conundrum

As a follow up to the post on What is in your spice rack? I went through the condiments that are stored in the pantry, kitchen cabinet and refrigerator. Once again, after taking stock of what had been accumulated, I could only just shake my head. The picture to the left is only a small …

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Feb 22

Chinese American Restaurant…So Not American

Someone once told me that in Houston, TX you could eat a different non-chain restaurant every day of the year and never once repeat a location. Not only is this true, but I am willing to bet that within Chinatown the same rule applies. I have lived in Houston, TX since 1996 and in that …

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Feb 14

Risotto with Portabellas & Asiago

Risotto with Parmesan and Mushrooms, Pic #2

It never ceases to amaze me that rice is one of the most versatile vehicles in which to convey flavor, texture and even aroma, yet it is so simple to prepare. If one can evolve from “one-minute cooked rice” or even the pre-cooked rice that is frozen and only requires to be steamed in a …

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