May 26

Appetizing Ginger Shrimp Appetizer

I am rarely caught unprepared but on one occasion, procrastination worked out marvellously.  A few hours before a pot luck dinner, that I was supposed to supply an appetizer for, I was digging through my freezer wondering what could I possibly throw together.  I came up with a bag of frozen peas & a bag …

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Apr 19

Iced Green-Ginger Tea

When I need a seriously quenching,  non-alcoholic, summer drink, I drink iced teas.  There are dozens of possibilities when making iced teas from scratch.  If I can infuse a health benefit as well – I get happy!  My go-to fave is Iced Green-Ginger Tea. Green tea is known to have benefits against: impaired immune functions, …

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Mar 30

Balinese Style Fish Recipe – An Ode To Mata Hari’s Indonesian Restaurant & Bar

My dear friend Regina owned a very successful Indonesian restaurant on the west side of Houston for over two decades. Not only was the food amazing, but the bar was a local watering hole for many workers of the the petroleum industry. On any one night, it was not unusual to hear numerous languages being …

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Mar 08

Kitchen Cordials & Liqueurs

Why would anyone make their own liqueurs or cordials? The simple answer is because we can and why not? The process is relatively easy with the toughest part of the process being patience. Just as the exact origins of beer, wine and liquor are debated, so to is the origination of liqueurs and cordials. It …

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Mar 01

Asian Style Orange Chicken

It may be a little stretch of culinary license to say that this dish is Chinese, but a review of the ingredients makes it difficult to argue that the meal has not been heavily influenced by the use of Asian ingredients. The history and development of this meal is simple and follows a standard theme …

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