Nov 21

Comforting Slow Braised Beef Heaven

Even though I do say so my self, I made a dish this weekend that is worthy of a place in my top dishes ever. Simple ingredients and long, slow cooking produced a beef dish that was like a warm hug. Before I describe what the dish was, I have to say that some of …

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Nov 01

The day after Halloween – Pumpkin Bargains

Normally the day after Halloween is when you can pick-up bargains on candy (sweets), but it’s also the day that supermarkets drastically reduce the prices of pumpkins since everyone has finished making their lanterns. Not that pumpkins in the US are particularly expensive anyway, but just look at this 13lb (5.8kg) beauty I picked up …

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Oct 12

Save Money and Marinate your own Olives

The mountains of glistening olives that you see in supermarket deli bars sure look tempting and they are hard to resist, but they can make quite a dent in your wallet. With a couple of ingredients, you can make your own at home, for a fraction of the cost and enjoy this little treat more …

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Oct 11

Inspiration from Frozen Leftovers…Seafood Pasta

For better or worse, when there are leftovers from a meal that was eaten and if not eaten in the next day or two, they are bagged or place in containers and frozen for later use. In the past I was terrible at marking the contents of the bags but in the past few months …

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Sep 24

Homemade Mozzarella is a dangerous thing

Update: Our recipe for Mozzarella was featured in the Cookbook – Top Up-voted Recipes from Reddit. Knowing how to make make your own homemade mozzarella is up there with homemade bread, butter and aioli as some of the most dangerous things to know how to make in your kitchen. Not only is it really easy to make, …

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