Cole Slaw

Jul 02

Broccoli Stem Coleslaw – A thrifty, tasty salad

I was preparing broccoli a while ago, by removing the florets for steaming, and I was just about to throw away the broccoli stems, when I stopped and wondered what else I could do with them. I could have cleaned them up a bit and froze them for making soup at a later date, but …

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Jun 16

Lebanese Style Cole Slaw

Cole Slaw is as much a part of American summer food dishes as hot dogs,hamburgers, potato salad, barbeque, ice cream and watermelon. Yet, whether because of food safety concerns, increased health consciousness or a trend away from consuming cabbage, the traditional cole slaw made with mayonnaise or buttermilk is more like an after thought and …

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May 10

Capriotti’s Capastrami, the King of Rachels

When I visit family in Delaware, there are a few things that should be enjoyed if at all possible. It is usually not feasible to accomplish all of these goals, but to achieve a few does make the trip complete. One of these is to eat a sub from Capriottis. I typically order a fresh …

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Feb 25

Corky’s Ribs & Barbeque x 2 – Memphis, TN

Corky's Memphis #3

Corky’s Ribs & Barbeque in Memphis, TN is good barbeque. Maybe there are places in Memphis that are better and there probably is, but to me there is nothing to complain about this establishment. Corky’s has been around for years and has 12 locations in 6 states (Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Jersey, Mississippi and Indiana). …

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