May 09

In-N-Out Burger, A California Cult Classic

For years I have been listening to friends and colleagues rave about In-N-Out Burger.  Despite extensive travel throughout the United States, until last year I had never spent any real time on the west coast. The first time I ate at an In-N-Out Burger was in Carson City, NV. The second time was when a …

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Mar 04

Open Faced Broiled Swiss Cheese & Ham on a Portabella Mushroom

A creation born out of being hungry and there was little in the way of food in the refrigerator except Swiss Cheese, thin sliced Deli Ham, Portabella Mushrooms and there was no bread. In the post Decadent Duet: Potabella Mushroom & Broiled Blue Cheese I went into detail on how my enjoyment for Portabella Mushrooms …

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Feb 20

Chicken Cordon Bleu qui est Facile à Faire

Chicken Cordon Bleu a la Americana

Before I began writing this post to the blog, I had the impression that Chicken Cordon Bleu was a chicken dish of French origin. Given that my rendition of the dish is a little different then how Chicken Cordon Bleu is normally prepared, I thought a little research on the topic of this post was …

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Feb 16

Bite-sized mini stuffed peppers

There seems to be a glut of mini peppers in the supermarkets at the moment, and they are very reasonably priced, which I why I bought them. I can never turn down a bargain. I bought them without thinking of how I was going to use them, so pretty much made it up as I …

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Feb 16

Roasted Green Chile Turkey Stew

Green Chile Stew with Turkey

Every now and then there is a meal that you discover or create that becomes a standing fixture in your “toolbox” of go to meals that you not only enjoy preparing, but enter the pantheon of personal comfort foods. My rendition of green chile stew using Cookwell & Company Green Chile Stew is one of …

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