Jun 29

Beer Can Chicken – A wobbly dancing bird

Though there is no official history of ‘beer can chicken’, it certainly seems to be an all American classic to have first appeared in the Southern US in the 1970s. As well as the name ‘beer can chicken’, it does go by other names such as Beer in the Butt Chicken, Drunken Chicken, Thirsty Bird, …

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Jun 22

Winning Barbecued Pork Ribs – Low and slow

Coming from the UK my only experience of barbeques is that when you mention the word it rains, and everything has to be burnt to a cinder. We don’t really had the weather to develop a BBQ culture, but every summer we persevere and things are getting better. However coming to the US, has opened …

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Jun 14

Smoke me a Kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast

Okay I’m haven’t been smoking herring to make kippers, but it is a line from the TV show Red Dwarf. Anyway I have been smoking fish for a couple of dishes I will be making later. The other week I took apart the grill and smoker attachment and gave them a good clean for the …

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Jun 12

Stuffed Jalapenos Poppers

I first tried stuffed jalapeños poppers when I worked for an American company back in Scotland and I have missed them since. Apart from pickled, sliced jalapeños in jars, jalapeños aren’t that easy to find in bulk in Britain. I was amazed that you could get a pound of fresh jalapeños for about $1 in …

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May 28

Grilling Season is here

Memorial Day in the US is a national holiday to remember those that have died while serving in the US military. It is also the unofficial beginning of the summer and the start of the grilling / barbecuing season. In the UK, Nation Barbecue Week is between 28th of May and 3rd of June, overlapping …

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