Aug 14

This is not guacamole

Though this may look like guacamole, technically it is a salsa, but you could easily use it as an alternative to guac. After a ‘guacamole pedant’ the other week decried the addition of blue cheese to my Roq-n-roll-a-mole, I won’t make the same mistake again, for fear of angering the mob.  I make this mango …

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Jun 07

Steamed Salmon with salad and avocado dressing

Now that summer if official here, gone are the heavy stodgy foods of winter and out comes the salads and bbq. This salad of steamed salmon with an avocado dressing is light, flavourful and a perfect dish to enjoy outside at the end of a day with a cold glass of white wine. Though I …

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May 02

Breaded Fish Filets Topped with Warm Artichoke, Shallot and Caper Salad

For me, one of the great things about cooking is that moment of clarity when I am pondering what to cook for a meal. There are times when I am not feeling the need for one of my proven true recipes. I am looking for something different, yet not wanting to experiment too much beyond …

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