Apr 19

Subway’s Big Hot Pastrami Sandwich Review

DSC01777 300x225 Subways Big Hot Pastrami Sandwich Review

Subway's Big Hot Pastrami Sandwich (6 inch)

Why would I even consider reviewing a sandwich from Subway? There is only one reason. This sandwich contains Subway’s version of Pastrami, the seasoned cousin of Corned Beef.

After a very disappointing experience with the Arby’s Reuben Sandwich, I felt that fast food cured beef deserved another chance. Before I write anymore, let me make a few disclaimers. I only eat at Subway when the only other options are fast food and there is not a better sandwich alternative. Having been raised in Delaware, my standards for subs and hoagies is very high.

Was Big Hot Pastrami Sandwich from Subway repeatable? The answer is “Maybe”. I ordered the six inch option toasted with swiss cheese, then topped with mustard, pickles and tomatoes. The Pastrami may have been a little stringy, but then Pastrami and Corned Beef are supposed to have a little chew to them. Remember, this is not a high end New York style deli. Whether or not the Pastrami was beef is up for debate, but it did have flavor. There was too much yellow mustard but this was Subway and no spicy deli mustard was available. If I was to order this sandwich again it would be double the meat, have them lightly apply the yellow mustard and maybe have only a few pickles and onions added to the sandwich.


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  1. Tilda

    Fabulous write, I will be viewing back more often to find posts.

  2. Michael

    I had one last night…not bad…Not Great either.
    What blew me away was when I went to pay ; “$19.00″ (for Two Foot-longs)…
    “HUH?!” Damn….for 20 bucks I could have bought some local artisan bakery bread, some Painted Hills (Awesome) Pastrami (even @ 13 buck a lb.) …and made a couple of sandwiches that would blow these Subway ‘things’ out of the water!

  3. Bob

    I had the “footlong” with Swiss and pickles( no mustard, I would not insult pastrami with yellow mustard. I put guildens on at home). I noticed it looked fatty prior to heating, took it home and had a greasy sandwich. I threw half of it away, I can’t that much fat & grease

  4. Linda

    The last time I ate a hot pastrami sandwich was at Katz’s Deli in NY…. Having said that while it can’t compare to Katz’s, the Pastrami and onion only hot sub I got at Subway’s was not bad and it’s at a Subways that is 10 minutes from my house in central NJ. So I will order another sometime.

  5. Keith

    same as the above comment…..quite a low grade pastrami and mine was like eating rubber sandwich way too much stringy and hard fat but I may be just a little bit picky but I wouldn’t eat another..threw almost half away

  6. Vin

    I tried their Pastrami Sandwich today and boy was I disappointed. First thing I noticed I was picking chunks of fat from the pastrami literally in almost every bite. Thats a no no for me. I don’t want to be chomping down on rubbery fat. There’s better quality pastrami at your local deli. Also, like above I paid $19.05 for two foot longs. Me thinks I’ll just be going to get a chicken teriyaki every few months or so, way too expensive. I think their head is so big they think this is premium food!

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