Apr 29

Sausage, Salad and a Piece of Crusty Bread, Simplicity Defined

Homemade Italian Sausage with Salad in Background

Hot and Sweet Italian Sausage with a Salad

Man cannot live on salad alone, but add a couple of links of sausage and you now have a salad that is worthy to be called a meal. I admit I like a nice salad of mixed greens with a homemade vinaigrette with diced tomatoes, avocados and slice cucumber, but by itself and I will be searching through the kitchen pantry looking for something to snack on in a hour or two.

Preparation of this meal is very simple. While you are baking the sausage (my personal preference), prepare the salad of your choice. I find that a homemade vinaigrette goes best with sausage. By the time you have prepared the salad, the sausage will be cooked. Serve the sausage and salad together on a plate and serve with a piece of crusty bread. A simple, easy to make meal that requires minimal preparation and as an added bonus is easy to clean up. A glass of white wine goes well with this dish.

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