May 05

Memories of France – Trader Joe’s Frozen Mini Croissants

I love France.  If I had to chose something that transports me back to our travels in France, I would choose either good french wine or croissants.

Baked Frozen Croissants from Trader Joe's

Fresh Baked Croissants from Trader Joe's

In 2002, we took our first trip to France.  We stayed at Chateau Ouvrard in the Aquitane region and the rental agent introduced us to two people.  The local vintner & the local baker. We made two Frenchmen very happy, and wealthy, that week! The rental agent arranged for the baker to deliver fresh croissants on the first morning after our arrival.  Being a true Chateau, the windows were open, meaning no glass, with heavy shutters that can be opened or closed.  When we opened the shutters, we saw there was a hook in which the baker had hung his bag of tasty delights. They were warm & fresh & the made the perfect first morning for our French holiday.

For breakfast we had croissants & coffee.  For mid-morning snack, we had chocolate croissants. For lunch we made croissant sandwiches.  When the local vintner arrived, we celebrated our purchase of several cases of wine: by feasting on croissants & wine. Funny thing, when we asked for more croissants to be delivered for the rest of the week, our agent was surprised.  Apparently, the delivered croissants, were to last us a week! We finished them off in shortly more than a day.

Until recently, I had not found any product that could compare to those heavenly, flaky, buttery croissants. Then, my husband brought me Trader Joe’s Frozen Mini Croissants. They need to be left to defrost (rise) in the oven overnight, then baked. They are so perfectly buttery & fresh that, for a moment, as I ate mine standing next to the stove, I could see the Chateau, feel the stone of the Princess’s Tower, smell the grape on the vintner and hear the agent laughing at our folly in eating all the croissants in one day.

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