Oct 27


I love risotto but sometimes I do not have the time, patience, or maybe the inclination to commit to the neediness required to make a good risotto. A nice swap is a dish I call Orzotto.  It is Orzo pasta cooked in the manner of a risotto.  The joy is that it requires very little …

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Oct 20

Spaghetti grows on trees

On April the 1st 1957, the BBC broadcast a 3 minute segment on the bumper spaghetti harvest in Southern Switzerland. As you will have noted from the date, it was an April Fool’s Hoax and it has been recognised as the largest and most successful hoax ever carried out on television. So much so, that …

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Oct 18

Making semolina pasta at home

At the risk of sounding like a ‘foodie’, homemade egg pasta is my food heaven. Though you can easily buy fresh pasta nowadays in most supermarkets, the satisfaction you get from working the pasta dough, rolling it, cooking it and finally eating it with a simple dressing is far greater than buying fresh pasta and …

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Oct 15

Easy Italian Marinara Sauce: Today, Tomorrow, Next Week or Whenever

Recently while looking rooting around the freezer for additional ingredients to add to leftover frozen Red Clam Sauce, I realized that I was making life difficult for myself by not preparing a large batch of Italian Marinara Sauce and then freezing the sauce into portioned amounts for use at a later date. Just as important …

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Oct 12

Save Money and Marinate your own Olives

The mountains of glistening olives that you see in supermarket deli bars sure look tempting and they are hard to resist, but they can make quite a dent in your wallet. With a couple of ingredients, you can make your own at home, for a fraction of the cost and enjoy this little treat more …

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