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Name: Stuart
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Interestingly I was a fussy eater until I left home for university and had to cook for myself. Ever since then I was hooked. I love cooking (so much so that my wife doesn't get a chance to cook), experimenting with new techniques, finding out the origin of recipes and most of all looking for new and exotic tastes.

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Apr 28

Sun Dried Tomato Bread – A savoury Mediterranean loaf

Once you try this Sun Dried Tomato Bread, you’ll be looking for excuses to make it again and again. Most of the time nowadays I make sourdough, but it does take a bit of effort and planning, where as this bread recipe is really quick by comparison and the sweet fruity, slightly sour and umami …

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Apr 23

Dogs Nose Salsa (Xni Pec) – Habanero salsa from the Yucatan

Dogs Nose Salsa, or its proper name Xni Pec, is another Mexican salsa with a funny name, e.g Pico de gallo (The rooster’s beak). Xni-Pec (pronounced “shnee pek”) is ancient Mayan for “The Dog’s Nose”, probably because you’ll be sweating like a Dog’s nose after eating it because of the addition of habanero chilli peppers. …

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Apr 13

Our favourite Tex-Mex Recipes, food and a bit of Mexican

Tex-Mex is a great example of a crossover or fusion cuisine that is a relatively recent invention and by saying that particular Tex-Mex Recipes are authentic don’t really have much historically backing, though Tex Mex food in its own right has developed some ‘classics’ such as the burrito. The word Tex Mex gives a hint …

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Apr 08

Carnitas – Delicious Mexican Slow Cooked Pulled Pork

At our friends Cecilia and Eric I had the best tasting carnitas I’ve ever had. Being from Texas they were homesick for some comforting food and searched out for the best carnitas recipe they could find and tweak it. After living in Houston, I’ve tried carnitas many times, but theirs was truly delicious. Carnitas are …

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Mar 31

Compound Butter – The easy way to add flavor to a meal

Compound butter, or more commonly known as flavoured butter is a really easy and cheap way to add flavour to a dish without the effort of making a sauce. You’ve probably seen it most often on top of a steak in a restaurant, melting slowly adding a little zing of flavour to the meat. The …

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