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Name: Bill Retherford
Date registered: January 3, 2012


Neither a trained chef or culinary expert but a true lover of food including the history, background and even the science behind what makes a great dish. With twelve years as a manufacturing consultant specializing in food processing, I have a unique perspective on how much of the food we purchase is created. Being fortunate to have travel extensively for work and pleasure provides me with ample opportunities to experience new foods and regional variations on a regular basis. I have an obsession for Reubens and will select a reuben sandwich without consideration of anything else on the menu if available.

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Dec 14

Pollo de Tapatio (Roast Chicken with Tapatio Salsa Picante)

One of the great things about chicken is that the meat provides a perfect median in which to absorb the flavors of the seasoning applied. Now add to this the hours needed to roast or smoke a whole chicken and the ability for the meat to embrace the flavors is even more impressive. There was …

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Dec 12

Green Onion & Cheddar Cheese Egg White Omelet

One of the results of some recipes using eggs is that there is the need for the yolk, but not the egg white; i.e. making homemade ice cream. My personal issue is that I really dislike the idea of discarding the egg whites. Whether you call it frugal, thrifty or cheap, the reality is that …

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Dec 10

Individual Portioned Turkey Pot Pies Any Time of the Year

I will never tire of eating a turkey or chicken pot pie, nor will I tire of writing about a pot pie made from chicken or turkey. The problem is that in order to make a good poultry pot pie, leftover roasted meat and gravy (preferably giblet gravy) are critical ingredients to a perfectly baked …

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Dec 08

Crock Pot Mash Potatoes, Reducing the Stress of the Holiday Meal

Holiday meals are an interesting phenomenon where we prepare more side dishes then typically served for a meal. It is also one of the meals where lukewarm dishes appear to be the norm. With this being said, nothing tests the capabilities and capacity of the cook and kitchen more than preparing the holiday meal. There …

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Dec 06

Carving the Turkey Early, Reducing the Stress of the Holiday Meal

Almost everyone has the image of the Norman Rockwell painting of Freedom from Want with the grandmother presenting the turkey to her family at the dining room table on a platter. It is a nice image, but from my own personal experience, carving a turkey can be a self-imposed stressful experience and not an activity …

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