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At the age of 30, I wouldn't eat fish. Yuck, fish?! A few, or more years later, I am reformed & even make my own sushi. I am a huge fan of comfort food & the classics. I learned that if prepared properly, I will eat just about anything although I don't want to know what it is. I draw the line at offal, fish-heads, chicken feet, head cheese and the ever memorable: pregnant smelt. I'll leave that to the Stuart & Bill: Have fun boys!

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Mar 18

An authentic St. Patrick’s day meal – Shepherd’s Pie

Traditionally, the Irish did not eat beef.  You know that around March 17, the grocery stores pull out their haul of plastic coated, pre-spiced, corned beef and pair it next to a hug bin of cabbages, at dirt cheap prices.  Add that to a lovely Guinness display & you have an American marketing dream! Truthfully, …

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Oct 27


I love risotto but sometimes I do not have the time, patience, or maybe the inclination to commit to the neediness required to make a good risotto. A nice swap is a dish I call Orzotto.  It is Orzo pasta cooked in the manner of a risotto.  The joy is that it requires very little …

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Sep 19

Crockery Gourmet Chicken

I love my crock pot but I will be honest, if I am pulling it out; I want dinner to be super easy. I do not want to cut fresh herbs. I do not want to dirty 5 measuring cups. I do not want to do anything other than throw it all in and walk …

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Sep 15

Spice Spice Baby

When grilling meat, the most important choice you make is the type and cut of meat for your chosen method of cooking. The second most important decision is whether to go a wet or dry rub. A dry rub is an excellent choice for flavoring already tender or moist cuts of meat. Next time you …

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Aug 28

Terrific Turkey Burgers Recipe

In my youth, I lived on the edge. Lots of cocktails, fried foods and beef. Now, as the years have passed, not only do we hear that all of those things are no good for us, but my body doesn’t like them either, the horror! So I pick and choose and modify what I can, …

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